Wednesday, October 18, 2017


As you've likely noticed, I don't typically do this sort of pixelated design in my beadwork. But when This idea came to me I just had to try it for Halloween. Oh sorry, make that Meowlloween!
I think it turned out pretty well!
 Again I've used Persephone Plus, October's darkly lovely color scheme. There's just one more Wednesday in October to go, and I have a few kits left. LOVE that Posh Purple in there.
Clio and I wish everyone a Happy Meowlloween!

This square is worked in size 11 Delica beads, with an edging of size 15 rocailles.
Review the basic Warped Square threadpath HERE.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Still working with the deep dark Persephone Plus colorway this week, with a spooky-romantic Halloween in mind.

The center focus of this design lends itself to a 'flick', where I snipped the thread between the two gray beads in the top corner and pulled half the round out. Then I reinforced the edges and finished them with size 15 rocailles.

It's a fun way to reach out into a new dimension with the squares, and plus it looks like a little cat tongue!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Home at Last

We really enjoyed our trip to Montana, and it was fun seeing Clio's world expand. She spent her first 16 years as an indoor cat, and now finds herself an interstate traveler. Check her out, she really enjoyed scanning the countryside:
Clearly, though, she's glad to be home:

Morgan held her on his lap like this for a couple of hours this morning. She was totally zonked!

October's colorway is based on my Persephone kit, a dark and broodily romantic set. I added Posh, a silver-lined purple, for this month's bonus color, and it really adds some glamour:

I'm not totally satisfied with this pattern; I was going for something reminiscent of a fleur de lis at the  corners. But there just wasn't time to rework it.  That's one of the things I've set myself to learn from the WSW project:  that I can't always make things perfect. This square has some good elements, and I hope that you can take those and make something you enjoy.

Find the Persephone Plus Bonus bead kit in the shop.

And as always, the basic Warped Square threadpath can be viewed Here.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


We are road-tripping this week, and had a wonderful drive through Yellowstone National Park:

Hey wait, what??
Clio, get back in the car!!

Weather was on our side all the way, with snow on the pass as we left Tahoe, and we could see it on the mountains, with dramatic clouds, all the way up through Nevada.

At first I was stumped to find one more way to use this colorway, but I think I was just trying too hard. I decided to keep it simple, following one of my favorite patterns, which I think of as a tweed. Typically I just use a three-color repeat, but here I used a progression:

Using an odd-count repeat jogs the color placement, giving the composition some energy, and the Creem really opens it up and lightens the effect of these colors which can be a little dense when used up against each other. With that in mind, and thinking of our destination, I've called it Big Sky.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


ME:  Clio, you're not helping.

CLIO: Is ok, I'm not trying to help.

I did manage to get my square done this week, despite Clio's assistance:

It's a particularly tasty 'bacon'-style stripe, in Prism Plus, September's featured palette.
I'm so inspired by textiles in my beadweaving, I really enjoy creating patterns that I feel honor the 'weaving' part of that word. One year ago, I was in Greece and I met a delightful woman with whom I connected immediately. She's a weaver in the charming city of Nafplio, and we had such fun sharing our work and ideas about experimenting with color and surface. She combines vivid silk with matte cotton to create wonderfully luminous stripes. I've named this square Gonidou, after her, and I hope you'll visit her website, too.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


She's back!
Thanks Clio, for popping up to introduce this week's square. Again I've used our PrismPlus Colorway, with lovely bronze edging beads.
I'm delighted with the design and its interlocking X's. I wasn't quite sure how the black and cream stripes were going to come out. I think that's a very cool effect and I'll be using it again! I also kept last week's square in mind as I approached the edge. I added the orange outline while I was working, which wasn't going to resolve into points at Round 19 as intended. A little weaving through solved that and made the whole thing more interesting. Gotta go with the flow!

You can find the basic Warped Square threadpath directions here. It is actually illustrated in these colors! 
 In case you missed it, I wrote a bit about my color palette here on Friday, and posted the full list of my colors.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Kits, anyone??

I'm jumping in here between squares to tell you about the bead colors I'm choosing from. A couple of years ago when I first joined the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork team, I made this piece, under the directive to 'think Eames'. Choosing from the beads I had on hand I made this:

You might recognize the Pierced Arrow coming off the pentagon.  I took this piece to Tucson, where I exploded it (you can see the video HERE).

From these colors we added some to create a palette to use throughout the upcoming CGB Pattern Book. We ended up with 35 Delica colors and 4 size 15 rocaille colors. It makes a pretty exciting, if pricey, kit.
Shoot, that doesn't even have the 15's!
I have been pretty happy with it so far. All of the patterns and kits in the Shop are drawn from the Pattern Book Palette, and the Prism and Primer kits will have several projects based upon them in the book.

I plan to stick with the palette here on the blog, as well as with existing kits I've already made from it (Prism, Primer, Persephone, etc.), to maximize the usefulness of having these particular colors. It's fun adding a wild card to pre-made kits, like we did with Sour Puss and this month's Ares, so I'll keep adding a wild card bonus free tube of beads to existing kits when I can.

Below is the Pattern Book Palette. It's hard to source all these beads from one place (ask me how I know, omg), so if there appears to be demand, I'll put some full sets together for the shop. Please comment or email if you would be interested in one!  It's a big investment for me, so I need to know I can sell them once I've ordered all those beads. The kits will cost $240, including Priority Mail shipping within the United States.
The beads are size 11 Delicas and size 15 rocailles. Many of the patterns in the upcoming CGB Pattern Book will use beads from this palette.

And while I don't have any bananas to add, there will be a few little gifts in each package of course!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

12: Guest Square

ME: C'mon Clio, let's take a picture of this week's square!


So, okay, Clio wants a break after last week's trip to Outer Space. She did such a good job as our Sour Puss mascot, I hope she will continue to join us, but for now we'll let her be. She's sixteen, so I don't want to push her too hard. Also: claws.

I got a break this week, too. Our dear friend Rose Mary Jameson shared this marvelous square and gave me permission to present it here! I used her outlines, and her clever solution to the flat-peyote points, and made the pattern using our Prism colorway, which we'll be featuring for the month of September:

Prism is available in the BeadBlogShop, and all this month we'll include a bonus tube of size 15 round beads in this lovely light bronze, which we call Ares. I used them for the edging so that I could add our picot corners and hanger for a swivel finding. And by the way, I used Hana's gorgeous red 'koi' color thread. It's practically invisible on the points.

As always, basic Warped Square directions are HERE, if you need a refresher or to get started.

Great thanks to Rose Mary for sharing this beautiful design and her wonderful innovation. I myself really hate anything that interrupts the flow of this threadpath, and this way of creating the points just rolls right along. Brilliant work! Muchas Gracias amiga!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Clio's Dazzled!

This is an interesting one to me; at first glance it appears chaotic, colors randomly bouncing around. But there is a clear rhythm to it; there IS a pattern in there. The colors rotate and the black and white swap back and forth. The chevrons of Sour Puss and Bitchin Camaro are strong and structural, but in person the SP looks like spiraling strikes of lightning, while BC acts like a shadow.
It was a surprise to see it all resolve so clearly in the photo.

This is the last of August's set of Primer Puss squares.
We still have some Primer Puss bead kits available in the Shop!

Try one and enjoy!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

10 Clio's Crest

 How Regal!
I knew Clio was a pretty fancy cat, and now she even has her own crest!

Well okay, this square just reminded me of a quartered heraldic crest, and Miss C
fit it to a T.
Turns out domestic cats actually do appear on authentic medieval crests, so it's not that farfetched!

I had several ideas for this square, and used a page from the forthcoming Contemporary Geometric Beadwork coloring book to try and trace them out. I'm glad I put them down on paper--
I can't wait to follow up with actual beads!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Square 9, is a dazzler:

Clio can't take her eyes off it!

It's our third Primer Puss square, with two more to come here in August.

The Primer Puss kit is available at the Bead Blog Shop, and it consists of our 9-tube Primer colorway plus a bonus full-size tube of Sour Puss, that stunning acid yellow.

The basic threadpath for the warped square can be viewed HERE. We are using size 11 Delica beads, with an edge of size 15 rocailles.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I daresay Clio's starting to look like a digital native:

Square number eight continues our Primer Puss collection for August. I love the way the ribbons of color float above the field of concentric squares. This background works because it's made up of four colors, in a favorite pattern style of mine. Rather than black-black, white-white to get the effect of stripes, it's metallic-black, clear-white, in that order. The metallic and clear act in a way as half-tones, softening the zig-zag edge of the usual peyote stitch stripe. Because of their reflective and refractive surfaces, they break up the visual plane of that pattern, too, which allows the bold bands of color to hover.

Primer Puss kits are still available in the Shop! That's our Primer colorway with a free full-size tube of Sour Puss added in. 

This is the second of five Primer Puss squares we'll be featuring for the month of August. The squares are made of size 11 Delica beads, edged with size 15 rocailles.

As always, the basic Warped Square threadpath can be viewed HERE.

She's super interested!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Square Seven:  Still Sour

I can't get enough of Sour Puss. Or Primer, our primary-based colorway. So for August, we'll be putting the two together every Wednesday!

We'll be adding a FREE tube of Sour Puss to every Primer Kit we sell in August! It's called Primer Puss! Grab yours in the BeadBlogShop. There are five Wednesdays in August, so we'll be posting five free patterns to go with that kit!

An event so special really deserves its own mascot, so Clio, who knows a thing or two about being a sour puss, has generously stepped in to take that role.


Clio loves her new job!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Today's square is a variation of ZOOM's stripe:

The V-opening reminded us of an ancient Egyptian lotus or papyrus blossom column capital.

PLUS, it matches my two favorite dinosaurs. Coincidence? You be the judge. But it makes me think that if ancient astronauts did build the pyramids, this must have been their insignia.

Basic Warped Square threadpath instructions can be found at the BeadBlogShop website. We are using size 11 Delica beads with an edge of size 15 rocailles.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Square Five

This week's square is HOT!

It's one of Dustin's color studies, opposing two pairs of colors within a framework.  Try it with our colors, or any group you choose. These are a very nice way to explore color and pattern.

Basic Warped Square threadpath instructions can be found at the BeadBlogShop website. We are using size 11 Delica beads with an edge of size 15 rocailles.

Next week:  a companion square to Zoom!