Sunday, April 29, 2018


Okay, enough!

These Delica beads are taking up way too much real estate, in my house and in my head.

With the end of WSW in sight, therefore, I am slashing prices on these kits. They are mostly Primer and Prism, which will take you a long way with the blog squares, and also with CGB patterns like the Primer Kaleidocycle and Exploding Sets.

Kits are HALF-PRICE! I'll have these kits at Bead&Button, but my students get first dibs-- don't count on there being many left!


Some of the fun you can have with Primer.
Yes, I'll be throwing in Sour Puss, that acid yellow, for as long as supplies hold out!

Below are some of your options with Prism. ALL of these patterns are already out there, free on the blog, posted for CGB pre-orders, or in the WS Packets!

Oddly, I can't find an image for the exploding sets pattern in my computer. A printable version of that pattern can be found HERE. This set of colors is also featured in a flat-sewn verson of the kaleidocycle.

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