Wednesday, October 18, 2017


As you've likely noticed, I don't typically do this sort of pixelated design in my beadwork. But when This idea came to me I just had to try it for Halloween. Oh sorry, make that Meowlloween!
I think it turned out pretty well!
 Again I've used Persephone Plus, October's darkly lovely color scheme. There's just one more Wednesday in October to go, and I have a few kits left. LOVE that Posh Purple in there.
Clio and I wish everyone a Happy Meowlloween!

This square is worked in size 11 Delica beads, with an edging of size 15 rocailles.
Review the basic Warped Square threadpath HERE.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Still working with the deep dark Persephone Plus colorway this week, with a spooky-romantic Halloween in mind.

The center focus of this design lends itself to a 'flick', where I snipped the thread between the two gray beads in the top corner and pulled half the round out. Then I reinforced the edges and finished them with size 15 rocailles.

It's a fun way to reach out into a new dimension with the squares, and plus it looks like a little cat tongue!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Home at Last

We really enjoyed our trip to Montana, and it was fun seeing Clio's world expand. She spent her first 16 years as an indoor cat, and now finds herself an interstate traveler. Check her out, she really enjoyed scanning the countryside:
Clearly, though, she's glad to be home:

Morgan held her on his lap like this for a couple of hours this morning. She was totally zonked!

October's colorway is based on my Persephone kit, a dark and broodily romantic set. I added Posh, a silver-lined purple, for this month's bonus color, and it really adds some glamour:

I'm not totally satisfied with this pattern; I was going for something reminiscent of a fleur de lis at the  corners. But there just wasn't time to rework it.  That's one of the things I've set myself to learn from the WSW project:  that I can't always make things perfect. This square has some good elements, and I hope that you can take those and make something you enjoy.

Find the Persephone Plus Bonus bead kit in the shop.

And as always, the basic Warped Square threadpath can be viewed Here.