Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Yes, more stripes!

The 'Primer' kit remains my favorite for stripes, not least because it includes Peep Show, and this pattern really shows off that crystal clear bead.

I really enjoy the way the stripes flow off the edge in this square, and wondered what the stripes would do if several squares were joined. Luckily that's fairly easy to mock up in Illustrator:
This would make some spectacular Space Bacon! I felt like the stripes described a pair of whirling paths, like dancers, so I named this one Pas de Deux.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018



As much as I really love grays with black (I am wearing 7 articles of gray and black clothing as we speak), I felt like the photos were looking a little sad. This week's stripe makes fine use of most of the Phoenix colorway, still available in the shop:
I had a lot of options here. I might have continued the center section stripe out to the tips, which would have made the black and cream stripes stand out more, or done different stripes at the tips rather than carrying them across, or done the tips solid, get the picture! I'm very pleased with this square. I sketched out the basic idea quite a few weeks ago and it was fun to finally get to work it. More like this in my future, I think.

It will make spectacular Space Bacon, I think, joined along the edges. Any and all of these stripes will be really exciting as joined pieces.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Happy New Year!

I'm so excited to be continuing with stripes. They are truly my favorite motif in this beadwork.

Today's square is basically a 'bacon'-style stripe with facing corners flooding off into a diagonal. The fun thing about this is that it creates an optical illusion, not only of the continuity of the center band's stripes, but of stripes running down, forward, and then down again, as though it were a folded piece of paper, or shadows running over and down a stair step.

There's an oddity to it because it's bound within the edges of the square, and because of the way the stripes go across the grain.  Overall I'm really pleased with this one and plan to do another with some color.

If you choose to make this square with your own colors, I do have some suggestions.
Using a tone-on-tone effect, at least for two of the colors, is a good idea as it helps to blend the stripe along the sections where it is broken by the stitch, making it look more continuous. And I deliberately chose three colors here because it enabled me to get the proportions I wanted with the colors lining up a certain way. The black stripe running through the center of the square and taking just one step diagonally is important to the illusion. So keep that stripe in particular mind as you choose your colors.

Have fun with this one, I sure did!