Tuesday, June 20, 2017


You've found us!

Thank you for joining us at Warped Square Wednesday, where Kim Van Antwerp and Dustin Wedekind will share a new Warped Square pattern on, you guessed it, Wednesdays!

We'll occasionally have beads on hand to create kits for our patterns, and they'll be available in our BeadBlogShop. Already in the shop are our Warped Square Packets of earring patterns. The 2017 edition features the Squares you see above.

Visit the shop and check them out.

If you're not familiar with Warped Squares, you can also visit the Threadpath Page at the Shop. This classic shape has been made popular by the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork project, in which Kim and Dustin have participated.

We'll be posting our first square tomorrow, June 21, so start following the blog today and join the fun!

We can also be found on Instagram and Facebook!

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