Wednesday, September 6, 2017

12: Guest Square

ME: C'mon Clio, let's take a picture of this week's square!


So, okay, Clio wants a break after last week's trip to Outer Space. She did such a good job as our Sour Puss mascot, I hope she will continue to join us, but for now we'll let her be. She's sixteen, so I don't want to push her too hard. Also: claws.

I got a break this week, too. Our dear friend Rose Mary Jameson shared this marvelous square and gave me permission to present it here! I used her outlines, and her clever solution to the flat-peyote points, and made the pattern using our Prism colorway, which we'll be featuring for the month of September:

Prism is available in the BeadBlogShop, and all this month we'll include a bonus tube of size 15 round beads in this lovely light bronze, which we call Ares. I used them for the edging so that I could add our picot corners and hanger for a swivel finding. And by the way, I used Hana's gorgeous red 'koi' color thread. It's practically invisible on the points.

As always, basic Warped Square directions are HERE, if you need a refresher or to get started.

Great thanks to Rose Mary for sharing this beautiful design and her wonderful innovation. I myself really hate anything that interrupts the flow of this threadpath, and this way of creating the points just rolls right along. Brilliant work! Muchas Gracias amiga!

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