Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Square 9, is a dazzler:

Clio can't take her eyes off it!

It's our third Primer Puss square, with two more to come here in August.

The Primer Puss kit is available at the Bead Blog Shop, and it consists of our 9-tube Primer colorway plus a bonus full-size tube of Sour Puss, that stunning acid yellow.

The basic threadpath for the warped square can be viewed HERE. We are using size 11 Delica beads, with an edge of size 15 rocailles.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I daresay Clio's starting to look like a digital native:

Square number eight continues our Primer Puss collection for August. I love the way the ribbons of color float above the field of concentric squares. This background works because it's made up of four colors, in a favorite pattern style of mine. Rather than black-black, white-white to get the effect of stripes, it's metallic-black, clear-white, in that order. The metallic and clear act in a way as half-tones, softening the zig-zag edge of the usual peyote stitch stripe. Because of their reflective and refractive surfaces, they break up the visual plane of that pattern, too, which allows the bold bands of color to hover.

Primer Puss kits are still available in the Shop! That's our Primer colorway with a free full-size tube of Sour Puss added in. 

This is the second of five Primer Puss squares we'll be featuring for the month of August. The squares are made of size 11 Delica beads, edged with size 15 rocailles.

As always, the basic Warped Square threadpath can be viewed HERE.

She's super interested!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Square Seven:  Still Sour

I can't get enough of Sour Puss. Or Primer, our primary-based colorway. So for August, we'll be putting the two together every Wednesday!

We'll be adding a FREE tube of Sour Puss to every Primer Kit we sell in August! It's called Primer Puss! Grab yours in the BeadBlogShop. There are five Wednesdays in August, so we'll be posting five free patterns to go with that kit!

An event so special really deserves its own mascot, so Clio, who knows a thing or two about being a sour puss, has generously stepped in to take that role.


Clio loves her new job!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Today's square is a variation of ZOOM's stripe:

The V-opening reminded us of an ancient Egyptian lotus or papyrus blossom column capital.

PLUS, it matches my two favorite dinosaurs. Coincidence? You be the judge. But it makes me think that if ancient astronauts did build the pyramids, this must have been their insignia.

Basic Warped Square threadpath instructions can be found at the BeadBlogShop website. We are using size 11 Delica beads with an edge of size 15 rocailles.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Square Five

This week's square is HOT!

It's one of Dustin's color studies, opposing two pairs of colors within a framework.  Try it with our colors, or any group you choose. These are a very nice way to explore color and pattern.

Basic Warped Square threadpath instructions can be found at the BeadBlogShop website. We are using size 11 Delica beads with an edge of size 15 rocailles.

Next week:  a companion square to Zoom!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Square Four

When I saw last week's square, my impulse was to add a bit of pink to the palette, and I was just dying to see what a translucent green would do next to Sour Puss. I set off on a road trip with my bead box, and ended up making a couple of necessity-based substitutions.

Overall, I'm happy with this one, and it's a new 'bacon' stripe!  When I sent a photo to Dustin, he said it looked racy, hence the name of this week's square: ZOOM.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Square Three

Sorry we're a little late with the square today; we went out to help KeepTahoeBlue pick up trash after the holiday!
Overall it wasn't too bad; we ventured off the trails and managed to find 9 lbs of litter to contribute to the effort.

Today's square is a bit reminiscent of fireworks, and it's called Green Flash! Dustin added a fresh new color to the mix: Sour Puss! A more-acid-than-acid yellow. Pucker up and enjoy!